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River City MFG.

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RIVER CITY MANUFACTURING IS AN OEM MANUFACTURER OF ROCK SAW ATTACHMENTS FOR MOST RUBBER TIRE & TRACK MACHINES SUCH AS ASTEC UNDERGROUND, DITCH WITCH, & VERMEER. We have been in  business for over 25 years and can build a Rock Saw attachment to fit your personal trenching needs. To find a dealer of your choice, just click on one of the Manufactures names and get connected to a dealer to assist you in getting a Hydra Wheel in your fleet today.  For more information on other products or to contact us follow the links at the top of the page.

New 1.5" width cut prototype in quarry application, click here for video

New HD-418D on RT-45




Our Rock Saws offer unprecedented cutting depth and width when matched with any one of the major manufactures of rubber tired or track units. Our line of saws feature all hydraulic drivers utilizing the standard Sundstrand and or Rexroth motors, coupled to a heavy-duty planetary gearbox. The saw is "relief valve" protected against obstructions. All of our Saws are hydraulically driven so there are no belts or chains to be serviced

A wider hood is featured on the B Series with a maximum of up to 12" width cuts available.

Our saw drives are available in a heavy-duty drive (Model HD-8 series) for normal utility trenching in average conditions, or in a extra heavy-duty drive (Models HD-10 series) suggested for extremely hard rock or high hour quarry applications.

 Our teeth are mounted on a 1-1/2" thick band on the outside edge of the wheel, providing extra "inertia" to the cutting process. "Bolt-on" segments are available as an option.

Improved spoil removal system offers a cleaner ditch. Telescoping stabilizers for improved spoil plowing away from trench; manual adjust is standard, hydraulic adjust is an option.

Also Available:

Reverse rotation of wheel capability for "Oak Wilt" or Pavement slitting while producing a closed trench.

Hydraulic Crumbers

Special Teeth

Single-Side Discharge

Offset Brackets (both hydraulic & rigid)

We now can build larger widths of cut e.g.... 12" Thru 15" With our new band rolling machine.



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